Top 5 Luxury Lodges In South Africa

The next time you head to South Africa, or if you’re going for the very first time, you will want to stay at a luxury lodge. Staying at a luxury lodge is a great way to enhance your experience in South Africa. Here are five luxury lodges you should consider staying at.

1. The Madikwe Hills Private Game Lodge– If you’re looking to stay at one of the best luxury lodges in South Africa, then look no further than the Madikwe Hills Private game lodge. The main Lodge has 10 luxury suites, which are all spacious. You’ll be amazed by the living room, which features a fireplace, while in the bedroom is where you’ll find a massive bed. In the bedroom, you can gaze out into the open and see if you can spot any animals wandering around.

Your luxury suite can include a private pool, and you can view game from there. You will love being able to sit on your deck and watch herds of animals. Make sure you spend at least a week at this lodge because you’ll want plenty of time to explore the nearby areas.

Also make sure to check out the other lodges in the area like Madikwe Lelapa Lodge. This lodge is owned by the More family who are experts at creating unique African safari experiences.

2. Londolozi Game Reserve– There are luxury lodges you can stay at in Londolozi Game Reserve, and one of these lodges includes the Private Granite Suites. This luxury lodge is the perfect place for those looking for peace, quiet and adventure. If you appreciate the finer details in life, then you’ll want to stay at one of the reserve’s Private Granite Suites.

Granite rocks flank the lodge, and you’ll notice how much light and space there is within the lodge. You’ll be treated to views of the nearby Sand River and you can take a dip in your own private heated swimming pool. The lodge is ideal for individuals, couples or small groups. Make sure you book this lodge as early as possible because it is a very popular destination, and make sure you take the time to explore as much of the reserve as you can because there are a lot of things to do and see there.

3. Singita Lebombo Lodge– Kruger National Park is where you will find the Singita Lebombo Lodge. The lodge features 13 luxury suites, as well as a private villa that allows guests to have easy access to Kruger National Park. One of the first things you’ll notice about this lodge is the design, especially since you are so close to the N’Wanetsi River. The area is ideal for those who want to be close to a diverse habitat, game, and gorgeous surroundings.

Other noteworthy features of the lodge include a wine studio and roof terrace, as well as a viewing area and library. There are espresso bar and a deli, as well as a good-sized pool. There are communal areas that are perfectly situated within the breathtaking landscape. Kruger National Park is one of the most famous game reserves in the world, so book a lodge at Singita Lebombo and explore all that Kruger has to offer.

4. Ulusaba Private Game Reserve– There’s a number of luxury lodges at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve, but one of the best ones is the Safari Lodge. The lodge is built right on the Mubarak’s banks, and you’ll notice that some of the rooms kind of resemble a tree house, which means you will feel like you’re in the middle of bush life. Your room will allow you to watch animals past by and make their way to the watering hole that’s in the area. Also, some of the rooms have a plunge pool, so if you would like your very own plunge room, then book a suite that has one.

There are other amenities you can use while here. This includes the gym, viewing decks and a wine cellar to name a few. If you want to stay somewhere amazing, then look no further than the Safari Lodge at Ulusaba Private Game Reserve.

5. Lion Sands Reserve– The Ivory Lodge in Lion Sands Reserve is worth a visit from anywhere in the world.The lodge features an amazing villa that is equipped with a large master bedroom, as well as a wardrobe area, large outdoor shower and a lounge area that features a fireplace. You can take a dip in your private pool or sit on the viewing deck. You will love exploring the nearby area and then come back to your luxury lodge, where you can relax, view the wildlife from your deck or just kick back and relax while using your mobile device, as the villa has free Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind there are other luxury lodges you can stay at. However, the ones discussed above are the top ones and you can’t go wrong staying at any of them. Feel free to do more research on each luxury lodge before you decide on which one you want to stay at.


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