4 Top Rated Activities In Victoria Falls

Known as the adventure-capital in Southern Africa, Victoria Falls provides a host of adventure-based activities, that cater for all tastes from mildly adventurous onto raging, heart-racing activities. Below are 4 activities to consider on your next trip to Victoria Falls, most of which can be booked online or directly from your Victoria Falls hotel.

1. Bungee Jumping

Definitely number one on the list, this 110m freefall bungee-jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge sends you rushing headlong towards the raging rapids that the Zambezi River is so famous for. If you are an adrenalin junkie, then this is a great way to get your adrenalin pumping. It has been said that over 50,000 people have jumped safely already, with their 100% safety record which is pretty reassuring.

2. White-Water Rafting Along The Zambezi River

Regarded as a top-rated location to experience what white-water rafting is all about, this is an activity you don’t want to miss when you visit Vic Falls. The BCU (British Canoe Union) ranked the Zambezi at Vic Falls as Grade 5 rafting with extremely difficult, violent and long rapids, big drops, pressure areas and big drops. These activities involve hurtling down 8m drops from the Stairway to Heaven or down 3 waves of Oblivion, along with the heart-racing Commercial Suicide rapid which has been rated 5 to 6 in difficulty.

White-water rafting activities involve half-day, full day or multi-day rafting trips along the Zambezi River while you navigate a few of the very best rapids across the globe. The ideal time to go for this particular activity is between the months of July and February when water levels are lower. The white-water rafting activities are closed between April and May dependent on the rainfall.

3. Flight Of Angels- Helicopter Flights Over Victoria Falls

These helicopter flights provide breathtaking views over the iconic Victoria Falls along with beautiful scenery that surrounds Mosi-oa-Tunya (Smoke that Thunders). Known as “The Flight of Angels” which came from the first description that David Livingstone made of this waterfall that was a scene described as so beautiful that it was proposed to be “gazed upon by angels in their flight.” This is described as one of those thrilling activities which offers an outstanding bird’s eye-view over the biggest sheet of cascading water worldwide. You also get an exceptional view into a 108-meter deep-chasm which gives you perspective into this massive natural wonder. These helicopter tours also include taking you upstream which offers you a way to view game from this outstanding vantage point.

You can also choose to take “The Flight of the Angels” in an exciting microlight aircraft. This slower-paced trip is suggested as a lot more thrilling due to your open cockpit, less powerful-engine and smaller size.

4. Sunset Zambezi River Boat Cruise Above Victoria Falls

If you have ever seen any photographs of the outstanding sunset cruises, then you will understand why this is one of the activities that is rated as best thing you can do on your vacation to Victoria Falls. The setting happens to be exquisite and every sunset is out of this world. Boat cruises are one of the best ways to relax and unwind after pushing your adrenalin levels to the max from the more extreme of the activities.

After a day full of action, here you are offered the opportunity to sit back enjoy a few sundowners, while you are offered with an exceptional view of wildlife that visit the shallows and banks of the Zambezi. Some of the wildlife you can expect to see includes various birdlife, giraffes, antelopes, elephants and hippos. These sunset cruises are available through various operators and lodges all through the year.

For other exciting activities you may want to consider one of the horse-riding safaris at Victoria Falls, especially if you are a nature lover or horse-riding enthusiast. Horse back riding through the Vic Falls bush is an intimate and unobtrusive way in which to get up close with game as well as the wild and beautiful surroundings. Other popular activities include night game drives for a way to view nocturnal animals or abseiling 53 meters down a wall on the Gorge.

With all the activities on offer it becomes very easy to understand why Vic Falls is regarded as an adventure-capital when it comes to Southern Africa.


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